Toby’s 11th Yahrzeit​

In honor of Toby’s 11th yahrzeit, on July 17 (5 Menachem Av) the Eagle family sponsored an amazing PowerPoint presentation by Rabbi Yoav Elan of Artscroll Publications on the making of the 11 spices (ketores) that were used in the Holy Temple.  The event was held in Bais Lubavitch of Baltimore.  There will also be a Kiddush on Shabbos Nachamu before the yahrzeit on July 31 (19 Menachem Av).

Toby’s 4th Yahrzeit

Rabbi Chaim Dalfin spoke in Baltimore with a Farbrengen on the evening of the Yahrzeit, Thursday August 18, 2011 (19 Av).

On the Shabbos before (Shabbos Nachamu) there was a Kiddush after davening at Congregation Bais Lubavitch during which Rabbi Eagle spoke about Toby.

Toby’s 7th Yahrzeit

Toby’s 7th yahrzeit was observed on the 19th of Menachem Av, which this year corresponds to Friday, August 15, 2014. The Eagle family has published a pamphlet in Toby’s memory that contains 5 mishnayos in Hebrew and English that begin with the letters of her name. 







Toby’s 5th Yahrzeit

Toby’s 5th Yahrzeit was on the 19th of Menachem Av, which falls out this year on Tuesday, August 7, 2012. There was a kiddush at Bais Lubavitch in Baltimore this coming Shabbos Nachamu, during which Toby’s father spoke. On the day before the Yahrzeit (Monday, August 6 from 3-5 pm), Mrs. Tsirel Turen held a farbrengen at the Eagle home for women and girls.

Dovid Eagle and his son Yosef learnt the first 28 chapters of Tanya (28 being the gematria or numerical equivalent of Toiba).

Toby’s 3rd Yahrzeit

On Shabbos Nachamu, there was a kiddush in Bais Lubavitch in Baltimore to commemorate Toby’s upcoming yahrzeit. This is also the Shabbos that the Eagle family has celebrated for 24 years to give thanks to Hashem for an event that occurred when Toby’s older brother Zev was a baby in Hadley, Massachusetts. Toby’s father David said the Haftorah and spoke about the meaning behind the combination of the two events, as well as some reminiscences about Toby’s life. David and Toby’s brothers Yosef (10) and Gavriel (8) continued their learning of all the mishnayos in Mesechta Shabbos, which they completed the following Shabbos, parshas Eikev. On Thursday evening, the date of the yahrzeit itself, candles were lit in several places including the home of Toby’s aunt Lisa in Colorado. Mrs. Turen of Bnos Rabbeinu in Chicago led a farbrengen by telephone for several hours. Toby’s mother Yehudis joined several friends at the Perlman home in Baltimore to join in the farbrengen. On Friday, David led the davening at Bais Lubavitch and said kaddish. L’chaims were said after davening for the aliyah of the neshama (ascent of the soul). The family visited Toby’s resting place at the Tzemach Tzedek cemetery in Baltimore. Many friends and family took upon themselves positive resolutions to improve themselves and the world around them. Yehudis received a number of special phone calls and a very moving letter from a friend of Toby’s who needed three years to compose her thoughts. The friend, her husband and children spent a beautiful Shabbos day with the Eagles. There was a kiddush this Shabbos in Boca Raton, Florida sponsored by Toby’s maternal grandparents Alan and Lori Jacbos, at which Alan spoke poignantly about Toby. There was also a kiddush plus special tefilos (prayers) and learning devoted to Toby’s yahrzeit in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. All in all, it has been a week of tremendous meaning and blessing.

Two weekly online publications this past week were dedicated in Toby’s memory.


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