A Tribute: Our Beautiful Angel

A beautiful angel has spread her wings and flown from this world
Taken lovingly with G-d's hands to a very special, wonderful place
As this Beautiful angel sees the peacefulness, holiness, and beauty of The higher world,
A peaceful smile must've appeared on her face

The angels rejoiced at the light that has entered the heavens
While we cried from below
A darkness has entered our world
And we felt the harsh, frightening winds blow

We feel an absence of a certain light and love
that our angelic friend has had surrounding her here
The light that she had brought to others
Has gone and our hearts feel bare

I've not heard this angel say a negative word
about anyone or any living thing
Every time she'd play her heavenly music
our hearts would all dance and sing

This gentle girl has always cared
for every living being
There were many wonderful memories that with her were shared
happiness and joy she has created

She must be crying up above for us
for we are in a dark, miserable space
Where although there is lots of happiness here
There is also pain and sorrow in its place

She is not at all in pain
secrets of Torah of Chassidis she must be learning
The lovely music sung by our nation she does hear
And with the angels she must be dancing

She is watching over us now, (and her spirit is still here with us)
We need her to beg the Creator on our behalf
That we be liberated from our sorrow
that we finally be redeemed at last

Written By Chana Hyams

Other Dedications in memory of Toby Z"L