Simchas Toiba - Chassan and Kallah G'mach

Simchas Toiba contributions are passed on to Brides and Grooms who are in need of donations from others to have a beautiful wedding. The aim of the Simchas Toiba Fund is to help each eligible couple begin their life together with dignity, joy and hope for a new beginning.

If someone whishes to contribute towards a specific need, or has any other questions contact Bonni Jacobs Suissa

Phone: + 972-2-580-7848

Send Check to:

Suissa, Rechov Baba Sali 21 Apt 8, Beitar Illit, ISRAEL

Make checks out to: KEREN CHAVEIRIM or SUSSIA

Please make a note that your contribution is for SIMCHAS TOIBA or IN MEMORY OF TOIBA BAS ZALMAN DAVID A"H

Other Dedications in memory of Toby Z"L